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Food and Drink in Cyprus

The flavor of Cyprus food is beyond one's description. Once you are in this country, your mouth will always lick for delicious food in Cyprus No Cypriot village is complete without a traditional coffee shop, the 'kafenio' Its the most important place in the village, the central point of communication, a place to meet friends, to play 'Tavli', the Greek version of Backgammon or just pass time by drinking a Greek coffee, tea, fresh juice or a home-made fruit squash. Greek coffee is ordered 'sketo', 'metrio' or 'glyko'. Here is how to make it.

A Meze is certainly the most famous Cyprus food . Or to put it another way: Mezedes are a great number of different Cypriot delicacies. Take your time and share a Meze with friends; don't be surprised at how long it takes and how much food is offered, 'siga, siga!' 'Slowly, slowly!' as they say in Cyprus . Mezedes can include up to 20-30 dishes! It's a great way to enjoy a friend's company, have a few drinks and last but not least enjoy the many different tastes of Cyprus that a 'Meze' includes.

Nowadays "Kleftiko" is a typical food in Cyprus for every single celebration. It is a piece of lamb or goat wrapped in foil and baked in special ovens, that in any case must be closed airtight, until the Kleftiko will be baked.

The origin of this dish, as history tells us, goes back to the Cypriot freedom fighters of the 19th.Century that lived in the mountain. They had to prepare their stolen meat, the Kleftiko, neither that some could smell it, nor that it could be seen.

Cyprus wine has been produced for thousands of years and since the time of the Crusades it has also been exported to Europe . 'Commandaria' has enjoyed a reputation as a fine dessert wine since the 12th century. Today wine is one of the most important exports of Cyprus.

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