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Cyprus History

Despite being a small country, Cyprus has big cultural, traditional and historical heritages. Ancient churches, monasteries and monuments explain the historical glory of the country. A 9000 years old civilization, Cyprus history has many an interesting things to let you explore and understand. This country stands at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe.


The history of Cyprus begins in 7000 BC which is also known as Neolithic age—settlements along the north and south coast of the Island. The island witnessed the arrival of first Greek in 1400 B.C who was a Mycenaean Merchant and he started its development. The language, culture and religion which pervaded throughout the island made it a well established Greek Island by 1050 BC. The country has ten city kingdoms and by 800 BC it was a prosperous country.


Cyprus was conquered by Assyria, Egypt and Persia several times during and after 750 BC. In 333 BC Alexander the Great claimed Cyprus and it continued to be a part of the Hellenist Empire until 58 BC. During 58 BC Cyprus became a part of Roman Empire. Cyprus was recognized and governed by a Christian with Saint Paul converting into Christian.


When Roman Empire divided, Cyprus became a part of Byzantium and Constantinople was the designated capital of the country. It suffered a defeat by the crusader Richard the Lionheart in 1191 AD. Feudal system and Catholicism was the official religion between the period of 1192 and 1489. In 1489, Venetians took over the control and guarded the country by fortifying and building walls around the towns of Nicosia and Famagusta.


Another invasion by the Ottoman troops in 1571 and Cyprus became a part of Ottoman Empire. They replaced Catholicism with Islam. Greek orthodox religion once again pervaded. With an advent of an armed struggle in 1955 against the colonial rule, Cyprus progressed toward independence and eventually got it in 1960.

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